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Carrot rice/veg sauces/fried fish
Carrot rice/veg sauces/fried fish

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Carrot rice/veg sauces/fried fish Recipe

You can cook carrot rice/veg sauces/fried fish using 9 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you do that. Preptime: 36 Minutes Cooktime: 54 Minutes Serve: 4 Persons Nutrition: 104 calories.

The ingredients needed to prepare carrot rice/veg sauces/fried fish :

  1. Provide Kifi
  2. Use Boiled rice
  3. Use Maggi
  4. Take Carrot
  5. You need Parsley
  6. Prepare Attaruhu
  7. Get Albasa
  8. Take Curry
  9. Prepare Lemontsami

Steps to make Carrot rice/veg sauces/fried fish :

  1. Dafarko zaki dora ruwanki after yayi zafi sai ki wanke shinkafar ki half cup kisa acikin ruwan after yayi 2 to 3 tafasa yayi half done kenan sai ki tace ki ajiyeta agefe, ki samu big carrot dinki guda 4 kifara wanke su ki goga su ko ki yanka su siri Siri sai ki samu albasa half ki yank'ata itama siri Siri sai ki zuba a pot dinki tare da cinnamon kadan amma inkinaso, sai ki zuba 4spoon of vegetables oil sai kisa half maggi mai star ki jujjuya for some times
  2. Albasa half ki yank'ata itama siri Siri sai ki zuba a pot dinki tare da cinnamon kadan amma inkinaso, sai ki zuba 4spoon of vegetables oil sai kisa half maggi mai star ki jujjuya for some times then add your rice kijuya komai ya hade jikinsa add small amount of water sai ki rage wutar kirufe if yayi sai ki sauke.. idan kinaso kiyi ado sai kisamu dan karamin bowl dinki ki zuba shinkafar ta cika bowl din sai ki dan nasan ko'ina ya kasance ya hade jikinsa acikin
  3. Bowl din sai ki dora plate din ki akai sai ki juyo da bowl dinki saman plate din sai ki zare a hankali zakiga yabaki shape din irin bowl din dakikayi using, zaki iya using karamin kwana ko tangaran ko plastic…
  4. Vegetables sauces - Zaki samu cauliflower ki wanketa ki ciccirota sai ki yanka karas din ki da cocumber da attaruhu da albasa duk ki tabbatar kin wankesu before ki yanka sai ki bare tafarnuwa kiyi adding dinta a gudar ta in
  5. Kinaso zaki iya yankata ko ki jajjaga sai ki zuba ruwa kar yakai rabin cup ki zuba a pot ki barsu sai ruwan yakusan kafewa sai kisa spices curry da maggi sai kisa mai kikara 5spoon na ruwa ki rufe ki basu 3minute sai ki sauke…
  6. Fried fish - - Zaki wanke kifinki ki yanka tsakiyar kicere duk kayan cikin kisa lemon tsami ki kara wankeshi sai ki jajjaga tafarnuwa da citta da maggi su jajjagu sosai sai ki shafa ajikin kifin kibarshi yasha iska sai ki soya a hot oil in ya soyu sai kiyi ki watsa parsley….urs Nana diso

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